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Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary of Utah’s mission is to build animal-friendly communities by encouraging respect and compassion for all animals, including community (feral) and stray cats. To promote kindness to animals through education and by example. To advocate responsible pet ownership by encouraging pet owners to spay and neuter their pets so they are healthier, happier pets and so they don’t have to be abandoned when unwanted pregnancy occurs or the male cats begin to spray. To support spay and neuter of domestic cats, thereby reducing pet over-population and abandonment of cats when they turn up pregnant. To assist in finding responsible caretakers for homeless cats. To work to eliminate the need to ever kill homeless cats by educating the community on how to care for community (feral) cat colonies and domestic cats. To develop a network of supporters and volunteers who endorse our Mission and support our goals.

To work in alliance with local animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinary clinics, and humane society organizations to ensure these forgotten cats are taken care of.

Because we want to ensure all of our cats are placed in environments where they can thrive for the balance of their lives, we reserve the right to screen our prospective adoptive owners and to terminate the adoption process at any point. In order to affect a successful and problem-free placement, our adoption process takes into account the temperament, age and condition of the animal and the environment it will be placed in. Family members’ ages and long-term expectations of the prospective home will also be considered. We have only the best interests of the cats and the new cat owners at heart and we seek to avoid misplacements which will end in heartache for everyone. We appreciate your understanding in the event we feel you and a chosen animal are not the right match.

There is nothing Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary wants more than to be able to transform all the orphaned cats into pampered pets, in loving homes of their own. 

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