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Who We Are

Tasha’s Furry Friends Sanctuary was founded 22 years ago as Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah.  Our name was changed when our mission changed to senior cats, special needs cats, and special needs kittens September 19, 2019.  We wanted to  honor and remember the very first cat, Tasha, who we rescued when we started the Sanctuary in March 2002. 

Tasha was a young pregnant cat who was starving to death.  We took her in, fed her, and cared for her and over time her newborn kittens.  After her third batch of kittens she learned to trust us and we were finally able to have her spayed as well as all of her kittens.  She lived her life here at the Sanctuary and died at age 14 as a senior cat.

Many more cats soon followed as they were dropped off or brought to us.  Some were pregnant cats while others came to us after being severely abused, maimed, or injured.  Some never learned to trust again while others once again trusted despite all they had endured in their short lives.


1450 East Main Street, Trenton, UT 84338

(435) 881-3450

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