Matching Gift Sanctuary Remodel 

We have been given a generous match gift for our remodel. For every dollar donated we will match it up to $5,000.00. Below are items we need to finish the remodel.

Big Room with Wash Room and Furnace Room

-20 2x4’s
-10 sheets of sheeting
-20 sheets of plywood
-Propane Furnace and furnace ducts to cover the whole building
-Propane Hot Water Heater
-Ventilation Fan
-Double Sink
-Commercial Washer and Dryer
-Pour Free Wall Laminate for walls and ceilings
-Vinyl Tile for Wash Room and Furnace Room 

Middle Room 

-Vinyl Tile
-20 sheets of plywood
-Pour Free Wall Laminate for walls and ceilings 

Entrance Room

-Vinyl Tile
-4 sheets of sheeting
-Pour Free Wall Laminate for walls and ceilings
-Outdoor door that we can lock so the building is secure 

Outdoor Cattio

-Two by Fours

If you are interested in donating products instead of monetary donations please contact our Founder and Executive Director at (435) 881-3450 for sizes on walls, ceilings, and floors.

If you would like to volunteer to help install the items please let us know. We can use all the help we can get to improve the Sanctuary for the cats currently living here.

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