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Purrfect Friends Sponsorship

Click the Heart to Sponsor-A-Kitty, without the generous support of our WONDERFUL Purrfect Friends, we couldn't continue saving the kitties. 

Different Ways You Can Sponsor

If you prefer, you can donate on a recurring, monthly basis to become a Sponsor. Your recurring donation can be cancelled at any time.
(A PayPal account IS required to use this option)

Please click the heart below for the recurring monthly Sponsor-A-Kitty sponsorship form. Once a month your donation amount will automatically be sent to us, you can turn this off anytime in your paypal account.
Thank You!!

Virtual Adoption Can Be A Rewarding Experience
A $1000 donation once a year will give you the honor of virtually adopting a permanent sanctuary resident. This will go a long way toward keeping kitty healthy and well fed for the year. We thank you for your support!

We will add your name to your virtually adopted kitty on our website, you will receive written acknowledgement of your donation from Tasha's Furry Friends and if you choose, periodic updates on the progress and status of your special, virtually adopted kitty.

Your generosity in becoming a Sponsor allows us to fulfill our no-kill mission, assist in our daily animal rescue efforts, and ease some of the financial burden of a cat’s care at the Sanctuary.

For your convenience, you can make a one-time donation online via PayPal to become a sponsor. We suggest a $25 minimum donation to become a one time Sponsor, but any amount is greatly appreciated.
(You can send your sponsorship via paypal or mail)

Please click the paw below for the One Time Sponsor-A-Kitty sponsorship form.
Thank You!!

We're happy to accept your sponsorship by mail. Please send a check or money order made out to Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary, along with your contact info to:

Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary 

1450 East Main Street

Trenton, UT 84338

Be sure to mention the cat you wish to sponsor.

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