Sponsor - A - Kitty

Help improve the life of a cat here at
Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary of Utah

Maybe you can’t take in another cat
Maybe you’re compassionate but allergic
Maybe you want to do more to help out but are unsure how to help
In those cases, please consider sponsoring a cat
It costs roughly $5.00 per day for Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary
to feed, shelter, and care for one cat.
One month: $50
Four months: $120
Eight months: $240
Full year: $1,000

Because we take being a "sanctuary" very seriously, each cat who comes into our care is guaranteed sanctuary with us for life if they are not adopted. Many cats whom we have rescued with extensive medical issues, seniors, or simply ones who have been passed over for whatever reason have remained here as "sanctuary cats", meaning that they will never be adopted and have a home with us until they become too old or ill to have a quality life. It is then and only then that our staff and veterinarians make the decision to put a cat to sleep - to end suffering. We promise each cat who comes to us the right to live out their days in comfort, health, and happiness here, and we take that promise very seriously.

Of course, the care of these cats is expensive and the expense grows as the cats age or need specialized care. Sponsors help us plan for the future and improve the lives of our resident kitties.

Many of our sanctuary cats are requiring dental work or special diets in their golden years. Please consider sponsoring a sanctuary cat.

There are many cats that call Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary home, for now, until they go on to find their forever home or live out their lives with us until they pass on. Those who live their lives here at the Sanctuary have found their forever homes where they feel safe and loved. 

Each cat is here for many different reasons and it is never easy to make the decision of which ones will be adopted and which ones won’t be adopted. We always make the decision in the best interest, health, and wellbeing of the cat. We don’t always know all the details of what has happened to them in their lives but some of them come from horrible pasts but whatever brought them to us they are now able to look forward to future filled with love and a home where they feel safe. They rely on us to provide and care for them and we rely on you to help us care for these cats. The best way you can do that is by sponsoring a cat with a donation that will help feed and provide medical care for the cat while they live their lives here at the Sanctuary.

A cat or cats can be sponsored by a check made payable to TFF Sanctuary with the cats name on that you would like to sponsor, through our PayPal by pressing the donation button on our website or Facebook page and letting us know in the comment box the cat or cats you would like to sponsor.

Once you choose a cat or cats to sponsor we will either mail, email, or message you a special certificate of sponsorship and a picture of the cat or cats. By sponsoring a cat or cats you help TFF Sanctuary continue their mission of ensuring that Every Cat Matters, even the cats that so many people have said “NO” to. These are the cats that TFF Sanctuary said “YES” to.

These are the cats that are allowed to be the cats they were meant to be, whether they have severe illnesses, behavioral problems, are shy and uncertain of people, have been severely abused and have a hard time trusting other people, are seniors, or have been overlooked for adoption for a number of reasons. These are the cats that call Tasha's Furry Friends Sanctuary home. Thank you for supporting them and supporting TFF Sanctuary.

Sponsor - A - Kitty

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