Aaron & Luke
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Sponsor Aaron & Luke

Aaron and Luke are a bonded pair of senior brothers who were born and raised in the Sanctuary by their mother who was dropped off when she was pregnant with them. Unfortunately their mother passed away a few years ago from heart problems. Aaron and Luke were never adopted because most people only wanted one of them. Aaron and Luke sleep together and eat together. Where one is you will usually find the other unless Luke is into mischief.

Aaron is the shy and mellow cat while Luke is the outgoing and mischievous cat. They are both sweet and lovable fellows who love to be held and cuddle. While Luke is still healthy Aaron developed a severe case of Stomatitis and had to have all of his teeth removed. As a result Aaron requires not only a monthly steroid shot but also daily pills to help keep the swelling down on his gums to make it comfortable to eat. Aaron hates taking the pills and it is always a challenge to get him to take them. It often takes two of us to do so. But this doesn’t keep Aaron down. It is easier and more comfortable for Aaron to eat soft wet foods than dry foods due to the swelling in his gums.

Many people have a hard time telling Aaron and Luke apart but it is quite easy, Aaron has a black spot on his head and Luke has a black spot on his back. You can be Aaron and Luke’s angels and sponsor them.

Aaron and Luke would love to have you sponsor them!

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