Star & Mitzi
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Star and Mitzi are bonded senior sisters who were born and raised in the Sanctuary by their mother and surrogate mother Sadie who had just lost her kittens due to her severe asthma. Star and Mitzi love to spend all their time together and with their mother Lilly, who came to the Sanctuary when she was pregnant with them, and surrogate mother Sadie. Two of their siblings were adopted but Star and Mitzi never were.

Star is a sweet and lovable senior cat who has been diagnosed with stomach problems that requires her to be on Fortiflora for the rest of her life. Star has no good or bad bacteria in her gut which has caused problems with her diet. Star also has almost no teeth left so it is easier for her to be on a wet food diet as she continues to age. Star is a beautiful tuxedo cat with a little star on her nose. She loves to cuddle and be held as does her sister Mitzi.

Mitzi had a severe ear infection in the base of her ears that caused one of them to fold over and look like a flat wrinkled ear. She is a beautiful brown long hair cat with a white chest and paws. Mitzi has a few more teeth than her sister but still prefers wet food to dry. Star and Mitzi are very friendly cats who love all who come to visit at the Sanctuary. You can be Star and Mitzi’s angels and sponsor them.

Star would love to have you sponsor her!

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